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Top 7 Most Efficient Solar Panels for Your Home – 2021

We know finding the Most Efficient Solar Panels for your home can be difficult, so we put together this detailed list of the best of the best so you can make your decision wisely.  Each solar panel has been optimized to produce solar power efficiently and for years to come, so you can be sure that choosing panels made by any of these manufacturers is a decision you won’t regret. Each solar panel maker also provides warranties that protect your investment for years after installation. This list of amazing locations is ever-changing and expanding, so please check back often. If you find another manufacturer that should be listed here – or one that should be removed – please let us know!

1. SunPower Maxeon 3


Product Details: SunPower Maxeon solar panels are designed to stand out, and they’ve been proven to be superior over five cell generations, 3.5 billion cells, and 30 million panels, even in the harshest environments. Traditional solar cells lose power over time due to deterioration and breakage. SunPower Maxeon solar cells have a unique architecture that eliminates 86% of the causes of conventional solar cell failure. As a result, your SunPower panels – and your investments – continue to pay off. Year after year, after year, after year…

Key Features: Increase your savings and gain peace of mind with solar’s superior resilience, reliability, and performance, all backed by the industry’s best warranty.

What Makes Them Different: Each panel is designed with total trust in its ability to produce more energy, reliability, and savings over time, as demonstrated by comprehensive third-party testing and field data from more than 35 million panels installed worldwide, ensuring you obtain the best warranty and complete peace of mind.

2. LG NeON® R Series


Product Details: The LG NeON® R is a high-performance solar module. A cell structure that does not have any electrodes on the front to reduce shading and maximize the amount of light that can be absorbed. LG NeON® R is a versatile LED with a sleek style that is ideal for residential roofs.

Key Features: The high efficiency of LG’s solar panel is due in part to its Cello technology, which improves power output and durability, making it one of the most efficient and flexible modules available. It also has an elegant and sleek architecture that is aesthetically appealing and fitting for any rooftop.

What Makes Them different: LG was able to manufacture groundbreaking, high-quality, but affordable solar panels after more than 30 years of intensive solar research and development.


3. REC Alpha Series

Product Details: The REC Alpha is the new generation of trailblazing solar panels from REC, allowing you to maximize the benefits of solar energy. With 380 Wp 60-cell capacity, 450 Wp in a 72-cell format, and an impressive 217 W/m2, the REC Alpha solar panel outperforms traditional solar panels by 20%, making it the solar panel of choice for home solar.

Key Features: Heterojunction (HJT) cell technology, Advanced cell connection technology, REC Alpha empowers homeowners to drastically reduce their carbon footprint, REC’s iconic Twin panel design, Super-strong frame, and Premium solar panel warranty

What Makes Them different: InterSolar Award 2020 Winner and Award-winning design, pioneered by REC.

4. Longi Solar Hi-Mo 4

Product Details: With groundbreaking monocrystalline technologies and product developments, LONGi is leading the solar PV industry to new heights in terms of power-to-cost ratio. LONGi annually supplies more than 30GW of high-efficiency solar wafers and modules to customers all over the world, accounting for roughly a quarter of global demand. LONGi is known as the most important solar energy firm in the world, with the largest market capitalization. LONGi’s core principles include innovation and sustainable growth.

Key Features: Half-cut cell technology enables higher power and lower hot spot temperature because of low working current, Using M6 standard wafer Part of assembly line upgraded to 9BB, further improve power, Unique parallel connection design, more energy output under shading or non-uniform radiation, Front/backside maximum static loading 5400/2400Pa, suitable for a tracker, Cell efficiency >22%, anti-LID, anti-PID, 1st-year degradation ≤2%, Design of short frame without C side can reduce the shading caused by frame, Split junction box, Cable Length 300mm (can be Customized), Mounting holes with 400mm distance is added to match the horizontal single-axis tracker, Glass and junction box supporting 1500V system and Reliable encapsulation using 2*2mm glass

What Makes Them Different: For the best LCOE solutions, a world-leading mono-crystalline solar panel producer.

5. Trina Solar Honey M DEO8

Product Details:
Trina Solar provides PV products, software, and services to support global sustainable development as a global pioneer in PV modules and smart energy solutions. The company continues to drive the PV industry forward by achieving greater grid parity for PV electricity and popularizing renewable energy through relentless innovation. The goal is to promote global renewable energy production for the good of humanity as a whole.

Key Features: renewable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly

What Makes Them Different: Trina Solar’s unrivaled level of creativity and technical capabilities have propelled us to the forefront of the industry, setting quality and performance standards.

6. Solaria PowerXT

Product Details:
Solaria PowerXT solar panels are one of the most efficient in the residential solar industry, with up to 20% performance. Solaria’s advanced PowerXT panels produce maximum power in the least amount of room, generating 20% more energy per square meter than conventional solar panels.

Key Features:
Higher Efficiency, Higher Power: Solaria PowerXT solar panels outperform traditional panels in terms of performance, making them one of the most powerful solar panels on the market.
Pure Black™ Technology: Solar panels that are all black add elegance to any house.
Lower System Costs: higher-efficiency panels generate more power per square meter of surface area, minimizing the number of panels, device balance, and installation labor.
Enhanced Shade Performance: Sub-strings are connected in parallel, reducing shading losses and increasing energy yield significantly.
Durability and Reliability: Cell-to-cell connections that are ribbon-free and solder-free improve flexibility and are designed to last longer than the 25-year warranty.

What Makes Them Different: The PowerXT is the most aesthetically pleasing solar panel on the market today thanks to Solaria’s proprietary manufacturing process, which not only maximizes power output and performance but also makes it the most aesthetically pleasing solar panel on the market.


7. Jinko Solar Tiger Pro 6RI3

Product Details:
Change how they produce and use electricity, optimize their energy portfolios, and take responsibility for ensuring a sustainable future by providing the cleanest, most reliable, and cost-effective solar energy solutions.

Key Features:
MBB: Decrease power loss effective
HC Technology: Since a full-cell is split in half, shading tolerance is increased.
Tiling Ribbon(TR): Remove the cell gap to dramatically improve module performance.

What Makes Them Different: Become market leaders by providing one-stop renewable energy solutions.


What are your procedures for ensuring a contactless installation process?

Solar is installed on the roof or on the ground, and we already observed social distancing procedures. Our crews wear safety equipment including Personal Protection Equipment to prevent the spread of COVID 19 not only to our clients, but also within our crews.

How is the sales process if we cannot meet in person?

With just a few pieces of information about your solar project, we can design an online solar proposal for your review. We then set a time to review the proposal by phone or Zoom to answer any questions you have. The financing process is paperless and contactless, any hard copies are sent by Priority Mail/FedEx. All of the contracts and disclosures are contactless using e-signatures.

How is the permit process contactless?

Many jurisdictions are starting to allow online permit applications and communication is facilitated by email. Final inspections are still completed in person, but social distancing and PPE is used to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

How do we ensure our installation crews are COVID-19 free?

Any of our installers that show up to work with an elevated temperature, coughing, fever or other sickness, they are sent home until the symptoms have subsided.

Where can I find more information about COVID-19 and the Solar Industry?

Please check with the SEIA (Solar Energy Industry Association) on all of the latest developments and safety protocols in the solar industry.

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