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Which Is The Best Solar Inverter?

List of the 6 Best Solar Inverters to Consider

  • SolarEdge HD-Wave Inverter

SolarEdge inverters in the United States and Australia have become increasingly common globally, more so. In recent years SolarEdge has become a global symbol in the awakening of solar energy development as well as in its sleek architecture using DC optimizers. The DC optimizers allow monitoring and controlling of solar panels at individual rates. The SolarEdge HD-Wave Inverters are among SolarEdge’s lightest inverters. The HD-wave series ranges from 2.5Kw inverters to 10Kw inverters, making it ideal for use in residential premises.

SolarEdge inverters allow device monitoring where the power-output data is supplied by DC optimizers. They can also be connected to Wi-Fi for remote control via the Smartphone App from SolarEdge. The 12-year warranty period, which can be extended up to 25 years, is another great trade-off offered by SolarEdge monitors.

  • Fronius Primo Solar Inverter

Fronius is another world leader in the manufacture of photovoltaic products, from solar inverters to intelligent meters. The launching of their snap-in concept in 2014 brought the company to public stunt but the Fronius Primo is what actually raves most people. Due to its successful cooling system, this solar inverter has received highly positive reviews from around the globe.

The Fronius Primo has a built-in active cooling system which increases the reliability and durability of the inverter. The cooling system includes a ventilator that expels the heat produced, thereby reducing thermal stress. Overheating limits any electronic device’s efficacy, and it has the ability to cause permanent harm.

Fronius does sell a 5-year warranty, however. Better still, if you register this online solar inverter, you will be given a five-year warranty extension which makes it a 10-year warranty.

  • SMA Sunny Boy

SMA inverters are considered to be among the best solar inverters on the market with a proven track record both in terms of durability and reliability. Most SMA Inverters can be used as string inverters. According to the Fronius Snap-In series, they used to dominate the market-facing tough competition.

SMA is a German-based company renowned worldwide for the development of string inverters. Pricing for SMA Sunny Boy varies depending on the kilowatts made, from 3kW to 7.7kW. The Sunny Boy series average input voltage is 600V DC while output voltage is 240V AC. This model suits everyone looking for a long-lasting and inexpensive solar string inverter. SMA offers a 10-year warranty which can also be extended for any end-user to 20 years. Extension of such extended warranty shows that SMA is assured that what they are selling to the market is safe and of high quality.

  • ABB UNO Solar Inverter

While ABB sold its solar inverter business to an Italian group, FIMER, which will take over in 2020, it remains a major manufacturer of high-quality solar inverters. With the latest range of UNO solar inverters, which are lighter and more lightweight, ABB has built up a colossal reputation. With their latest integrated smart home features, these solar inverters have incorporated modern technology. We also have the plug-in and play interfaces that make installation and setup processes simple. With the natural convection cooling system as well as the outdoor enclosure casing, the inverter can operate under any environmental conditions; whether indoor or outdoor. The device also has an intelligent algorithm that enables the energy harvesting to be monitored in real-time as well as power loss detection. ABB has a 10-year warranty.

  • Enphase IQ7 Solar Inverter

Enphase is a U.S.-based company, well known for its solar inverters.  These inverters are micro-inverters mounted on the individual solar panels. And though building micro-inverters isn’t the easiest, Enphase IQ7’s credibility precedes it.

Solar inverters with Enphase have a long life cycle and are a great choice as a grid-tied solar inverter. Such inverters are simple to mount, sensitive to shadows and versatile to any array design. The Enphase IQ7 solar inverter is an advisable choice if you wish to mount a micro-inverter in your solar system.

Compared to the others with this solar inverter, lack of a control system is a huge blow to Enphase IQ7. Although monitoring isn’t always free, however, Enphase IQ7 provides a 25-year warranty; the most extended warranty duration compared to the other on the list.

  • GIANDEL 1200W Solar Inverter

GIANDEL 1200W Power Inverter is an ideal solar inverter for both off-grid and tight budget applications. The inverter is easy to install, and a home electrical grid can be conveniently plugged in. It has two alternating current outlets and a USB port that allows you to connect to other computers. Their solar inverter has a robust casing made of aluminum alloy that protects the system from any external effects. In addition, the inverter is fitted with a fan, which minimizes overheating because it improves performance. These aspects make it ideal for conditions these indoors and outdoors. So this may not be an ideal choice if you have some efficient household machines. Hence, it can fail to launch the high-demanding tools required to consider this aspect. The other downside of this Solar Inverter is GIANDEL’s short warranty duration of 18 months.

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