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Vacaville, California Home Solar Panel Installation

An amazing view from our panels in Vacaville, California!

Vacaville is a town in northern California’s Solano County. It is located approximately 35 miles (56 km) from Sacramento and 55 miles (89 km) from San Francisco, but is also considered part of the San Francisco Bay Area, at least by some agencies. Vacaville had a population of 100,328 as of 2017, making it Solano County’s third biggest town.

In August 1850, Manuel Cabeza Vaca initially set the town on land to William McDaniel. On December 13, 1851, his initial plot was registered. The town was a Pony Express stop where many big producers and local farms flourished because of the wealthy soil of the Vaca Valley.

The region of Vacaville has a number of rare and endangered species. Historically endangered crops in and around Vacaville’s vernal pool fields include Legenre limosa, Plagiobothrys hystriculus, Downingia humilis, Contra Costa Goldfields (Lasthenia conjugens), and Showy Indian clover (Trifolium amoenum). You can still find Trifolium amoenum in Lagoon Valley Regional Park to this day.

Vacaville has a characteristic Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and cool, moist winters. Inland California characteristic, summers can get quite warm. In the early portion, the autumns are hot but cool down rapidly as the wet season approaches. Winters can be cool and often foggy, but they are mild in comparison with other areas. Spring is a rather pleasant season with temperatures that are relatively mild and not so much rain. In the autumn, winter, and spring months, the larger proportion of precipitation drops with little to none in the summer.


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