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Oakley, California Home Solar Panel Installation

Perfect weather for solar panels is in Oakley, California!

Oakley is a town in the U.S. county of Contra Costa, California. It’s within the San Francisco Bay Area of nine counties. The population of January 1, 2016, as determined by the Department of Finance, was 40,144. Oakley was established in 1999 and is Contra Costa County’s newest incorporated town. Oakley is part of the East Contra Costa Bicycle Plan with current amenities in Oakley and plans to expand further.

The name “oak” comes from the abundance of oak trees, while the suffix “-ley” comes from the term “field” or “meadow” in Old English.

According to CNN reports[11] Oakley experiences 21.16 inches of annual rainfall with an average elevated temperature in July of 96.0 F and an average low temperature in January of 40.0 F. The Oakley area provides access to the Delta de Anza Regional Trail. Oakley has a year-round experience of 52 percent clear days.

The western boundary of Oakley is Highway 160, providing access to Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, and the Central Valley. Antioch City is adjacent to Oakley in the west, Brentwood City is adjacent to Oakley in the south, and Bethel Island lies in the east. The southern border is the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

Archeologists in the Oakley region have discovered prehistoric sites. Early in the 20th century, a significant shell mound was found close what is now the city’s east edge. The California Historical Resources Information System’s Northwest Information Center now keeps track of archeological research in Oakley. Over the previous 25 years, approximately three dozen such projects have been finished, yielding only four prehistoric sites in the town. The data center thinks, however, that there is a strong chance that other prehistoric sites will stay within the town.


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