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Discovery Bay, California Home Solar Panel Installation

Its solar season in Discovery Bay, California!

Discovery Bay is a census-designated location (CDP) in San Francisco’s eastern county of Contra Costa, California, about 60 miles (97 km). It is situated in the San Francisco Bay Area’s East Bay area. By 2010, its population was 13,352, a 48.7% increase from 8,981 in the 2000 census. Discovery Bay was originally a waterfront community built on a network of man-made dikes, surrounded by fresh water, with the exception of the southeastern quadrant, which includes the Discovery Bay Country Club golf course. Some houses have personal docks with access to the Delta of the Sacramento–San Joaquin River.

There’s a brief history in Discovery Bay. It began in 1964 as a planned community and was initially designated as “Riverside” and “River Lake.” It was constructed on land known as the Byron Tract, earlier used to grow barley and potatoes. Jurgen Lunding made an attempt in 1968 to give the community its present name. Discovery Bay obtained its own ZIP code in July 2007: 94505. It had previously shared with Byron 94514. A world record setting paddle boat raft-up was included in the subsequent celebration.

Discovery Bay is one of the unincorporated areas in California that has a community service district (CSD), a special district that provides some basic services that the county usually provides. The primary tasks of the community service district of the district, known as The Town of Discovery Bay Community Services District, are water, sewer, landscaping and recreation. The board of the CSD has five members elected by inhabitants of the society. While the CSD Board has no land use or zoning power, the CSD can advise the county on policy and fire-related choices, housing and commercial growth, and more.

The CSD Board announced in December 2016 that Mike Davies, a resident of Discovery Bay, will become CSD’s general manager efficient January 3, 2017. He would substitute Catherine Kutsuris, the interim manager. Davies served in Brentwood, California as a police officer, including five years as a police chief there. At the California Police Officers Standards and Training Organization in Sacramento, he retired from the Brentwood Police Department in 2006.

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