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Clayton, California Home Solar Panel Installation

Solar projects at the base of Mount Diablo in Clayton, California!

Clayton (formerly Clayton’s and Claytonville) is a town in the U.S. county of Contra Costa, California. As of the 2010 census, the population was 10,897. The town has a complete area of 3.8 square miles (9.8 km2), all land, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Clayton is at Mt. Diablo State Park’s foot. Ninety-one percent of Clayton’s 364 registered electors endorsed the incorporation of the 13th town of Contra Costa County in Endeavor Hall on March 3, 1964. Residents of Clayton wished local planning and development control. They were concerned about the quality and density of growth and the racing of commercial strip zoning. They did not oppose growth, but they wished to maintain the semi-rural atmosphere of the Upper Clayton Valley after many futile hearings in Martinez and elsewhere.

Although an initial attempt at incorporation failed in 1960, when two quarry properties demanded exclusion, in 1963 the Clayton Revolution was rekindled by an imminent annexation that would divide the city and prevent the incorporation of historic Clayton forever.

In an obscure article of the Oakland Tribune by Clayton’s Nan Wallace on March 3, 1963, the news of a cherry stem annexation using roads and the Clayton home of Concord’s town lawyer to access Cardinet Glen[ the subdivision of households close City Hall on Wallace and Cardinet] was seen.

In order to delay the annexation of the Concord long enough to explore options, Claytonians instantly submitted a notice of intention to commence incorporation proceedings. Many citizens distributed petitions, and Eldora was honored to deliver the documents to Martinez county offices to put them on the ballot. James Conley went house to house collecting election expenses donations and ended up with enough additional cash to purchase a flag for town conferences. This time the suggested region of incorporation excluded big estates whose owners could be expected to cancel their lands and defeat the effort to bring incorporation to a vote in favor of Concord sewers.

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