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 Solar Harmonics Services

Schools and School Districts

In most school districts, electricity costs are the 2nd biggest expense behind salaries.  Schools need solar power more than ever to help control electricity costs, reduce CO2 emissions, and set a better standard for our students on renewable energy.

At the same time, most school districts do not have the funds or borrowing capacity to purchase large scale solar projects to make a significant impact on their savings.

Solar Harmonics works with the school districts to find funding solutions that are not only zero cost, but also zero debt. In general, this is accomplished by using a Power Purchase Agreement.  The district enters into an agreement with a financial partner who funds the solar projects. In turn, instead of the district paying the local utility, the district pays their monthly electricity bill at a minimum savings of 5 – 20%. Added up over the life of the agreement, this type of financing could save the districts millions of dollars allowing the district to spend more on their students

Residential Projects

Collage, solar offer and installationSolar Harmonics can design and build solar projects that meet or exceed your goals.  Whether your goal is a 7 year payback, saving 100% of your current electricity costs, reducing your carbon footprint or using 100% Made in USA products, Solar Harmonics designs solar panels systems with you foremost in mind.

With regard to financing, Solar Harmonics offers zero down, zero cost loans, 5.5% – 6.0%, no equity requirement and more.  With these types of financing solutions, there is no need to lease your system and losing your 30% Federal Tax Credit and Utility Rebates.


Solar panel system with green grassIn most cases, a Power Purchase Agreement for large scale government makes the most sense.  Solar Harmonics partners with the premier PPA companies to provide the best solution to change from traditional power sources to renewable energy.  In these projects, Solar Harmonics uses Made in USA compliant suppliers and meets all local labor codes as well.

Commercial Projects

sun energyUtility costs for business continue to escalate and solar power provides the key to hedging those monthly costs.

Solar Harmonics works with the building owner to design the optimum solar power system to minimize costs and save electricity costs over the next 25 – 30 years.

Typically, Solar Harmonics can design a solar power system that pays for itself in less than 5 years.  In addition, depending on the size of the system, Solar Harmonics installs a public kiosk where the customers of the business can see how solar power works, how much the business is contributing to reducing carbon emissions and green house gases.

Further, the customer can choose to learn more about solar power for their home, and if he or she purchases a solar panel system, a rebate back to the business is paid.

Solar panel roof

Solar + Wind Turbines

Solar energy panels with wind turbines in the sunsetAn existing solar panel system produces energy only during the day and when the sun is shining.  In summer months, solar is definitely a majority producer of power.

However, when a solar panel system is combined with wind power, a property can be  producing power during the day, during the night, bad weather and good weather.

Solar Harmonics has partnered with Home Energy USA, producers of the Energy Ball V100 & V200 ultra quiet wind turbines.

Both models produce energy in wind speeds as low as 4 mph, and produce the most energy at wind speeds of 15 mph.

Solar + Nissan Leaf

PhotovoltaikCombining your home’s solar panel system with an all electric Nissan Leaf creates the best of all worlds to make the biggest difference in our environment and our economy.

With gasoline prices always increasing, and the cost of electric vehicles dropping, there has never been a better time to add solar panels to your home and lease a Nissan Leaf.

Here’s how it works:

  • Solar Harmonics designs and installs a solar panel system to your home or business.
  • The solar panels are “depositing” electricity during the day back into the electricity grid.
  • At night, the Nissan Leaf is charging at the lowest rates, so in effect, you are driving on solar power.
  • By combining solar power and electric vehicles you are effectively eliminating two ever increasing, ever growing bills – electricity and gasoline.


Solar + Refrigerated Trucks

Solar Harmonics has partnered with eNow Energy Systems to produce solar panel systems that power a truck’s idle time & electrical systems to reduce the amount of diesel used by as much as 80%.  In 2013, a new system designed specifically for refrigerated trailers will be available, powering as much as 90% of the truck’s refrigeration unit with solar power.

truck2 truck1

Solar + Golf Carts

Solar Harmonics has partnered with several manufacturers to produce a solar panel system that mounts to an existing golf cart to help extend the operating time from 1 round to 2 rounds.  In addition, while the golf cart is parked in the sun, it is continually charging.

In most summer months the golf carts can be charged with the solar panel system further reducing the course electricity costs.

Payback on the golf cart solar panel system is generally less than one year, but it terms of customer service and a golf cart running out of charge during a round, it is priceless!

golfcart2 golfcart1(2)

Solar + School Fundraisers

Schools are continually looking for new sources of revenue to help fund their programs.  One solution is to allow Solar Harmonics to design & install a 5 kw or larger system for each student’s family.  Solar Harmonics will conduct a “Lunch & Learn” program where parents and students can learn about solar power, electric vehicles and how with each system purchased, Solar Harmonics will make a minimum $500 donation to the school.  Schools win without having to pay or buy any new program or inventory, students and parents win by reducing or eliminating their electricity bill, and Solar Harmonics uses local labor to install the solar panel system.