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School Covid Safety Plan in San Ramon, California


The Unified School District of the San Ramon Valley, which recently endured a COVID-19 outbreak one day after several classrooms were reopened, has now agreed to hold on to complete in-person instruction on all campuses.

In November, in one of its special education classrooms at Del Amigo High School, a continuation school, the district encountered an outbreak where eight out of nine people were infected with the COVID-19 virus. The district said at the time, considering the outbreak, that it will proceed with plans to reopen all campuses on Jan. 5. But as coronavirus cases continue to increase in Contra Costa County, and the county remains in the state’s COVID-19 monitoring system’s most stringent purple tier, the board instead decided to delay reopening until the county hits the red tier.

As SRVUSD prepares to welcome back on-campus learning students, security standards are controlled in these unusual times with procedures and processes in place to help ensure the safety of our students, staff, and visitors for the planned return to on-campus education.

State guidelines require that kindergarten does not reopen for in-person learning via sixth-grade schools until Contra Costa County exceeds case rates of coronavirus below 25 a day per 100,000 population. The county has seen 46.2 cases a day per 100,000 people as of Monday and has a positive test rate of 9.2% for the past seven days.

State rules require that students can not return to in-person learning for high school students until the county transitions from the most stringent purple level to the less restrictive red level. The county must average no more than seven new cases per 100,000 people per day and have a positive test rate of 5 percent to 8 percent to meet the red tier.

Safety guidelines:

  • There are PPE gears provided.
  • Wearing masks will be expected of both students and employees.
  • They’ll all sit 4 to 6 feet apart.
  • Tiny and stable cohorts will remain.
  • In order to minimize exposure, entering and exiting the building, lunchtime, recess, and the change of secondary classes will be closely controlled.
  • Visitors won’t be invited.
  • Gowns, gloves, and shields (available for use) will be available while helping those students who need closer contact.
  • There will be regular washing and disinfecting.
  • Hand sanitizer will be put in every classroom and throughout the school.
  • There will be testing according to public health standards for students and workers.
  • Contact tracing, in conjunction with Public Health Contra Costa, will take place. Parents and public health will be informed if there is a possible or confirmed case of Covid-19 in a classroom or school.


  • 3-ply disposable non-medical masks (“surgical type”)
  • Masks that match correctly (snugly around the nose and chin with No wide gaps along the face’s sides)
  • Masks of breathable cloth (such as cotton)
  • Tightly woven cloth masks (i.e. fabrics that do not When holding up to a light source, let light pass through)
  • Masks of 2 or 3 layers
  • Masks with pockets of the inner filter


  • Masks that don’t match correctly (large gaps, too loose or too loose or too loose, tight)
  • Masks made from hard-to-breathe materials (plastic or leather, for example)
  • Masks of loosely woven or knitted cloth, That is, fabrics that allow light to pass through)
  • One-layer masks
  • Masks with vents or exhalation valves
  • Wearing a scarf, bandana, or ski mask to cover your face

The Unified School District of San Ramon Valley is committed to doing our very best to meet every student and family’s needs. It is important to remember that it is appropriate to make tough choices that may not agree with each family’s preferences.

San Ramon, California is blessed with some of the state’s top schools.  Here’s our short-list of the best ones for you to check out: 

  • Dougherty Valley High School
  • California High School
  • Windemere Ranch Middle School 
  • Pine Valley Middle School
  • Gale Ranch Middle School
  • Iron Horse Middle School
  • Hidden Hills Elementary School
  • Live Oak Elementary School 
  • Bollinger Canyon Elementary School

All of these wonderful schools are located just a short distance from our location at 2010 Crow Canyon Pl Suite 100 in San Ramon! Stop by for a visit anytime!

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