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Ramona Park

Ames Way, Balmoral Way, San Ramon, CA 94582, United States


Probably the best pride and delights of San Ramon is the excellent park framework in the region. The town has 53 excellent stops in the huge network from little play areas to a few hectares of multi-useful parks. While the system of San Ramon Parks all in all is momentous for its reliably great appearance and remarkable support, Ramona Park may offer one of its sister spaces an opportunity for their cash. Ramona Park is the perfect spot to go through a calm evening in the excellent region, covered up in one of the Windemere advancements. 

  • Being Closer To Nature

Kelly green woven artworks the vast majority of the four hectares of the recreation center and are disturbed by just a bunch of decent excursion regions. These zones are brimming with clean tables, blooming blossoms, new grills and white wood trees with a lot of shade. Each spot is arranged close to another component of the recreation center, for instance, the play areas. 

The play territories of Ramona Park are the perfect dock for youngsters and their minds. On a bed of tanbark, the two play areas make up a kids’ town, with the San Ramona General Store, the San Ramona School and the San Ramona Express Train. This is notwithstanding the standard slides, playground equipment and swing sets on the play area. 


  • A Perfect Place For Kids

While youngsters are playing house in Mini San Ramon, grown-ups can play their own game on the ball courts of Bocce or the horseshoe. Simply ensure you bring your own game gear. Close to the play area, drinking fountains and clean toilets make it simple to go through hours on the marvelous Ramona Park.

The recreation center is inclined, so the highest point of the recreation center has road steps. A gazebo is in the recreation center. This park has an enormous play area with a pioneer/western subject. Wood play structures, swings, outdoor tables, a sand play field, toilets, drinking water wells, bocce courts, a wood-consuming grill zone, enormous park gazebo, horseshoe pit, are situated here.

This amazing park is located in San Ramon, California and also only a short distance away from:

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