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Windemere Ridge Trail

Crosby Rd, San Ramon, CA 94582


Paved trail overlooking the whole Dougherty Valley. Please note that this trail is in a grazing area for cattle, so on the way you will most likely find cows. Looking at them are always cool. Fantastic place for runners! It’s paved, so on your feet it’s not as hard. The view is also pretty nice.

Beautiful trail! The trail is kept clean and there are always people on it. You feel secluded yet you aren’t alone. It is a great trail to run for any runner as the elevation can go up to 200 ft.

Awesome trail to say the least. In the springtime, granted allergies are at a minimum, is a great place to breath in all the fresh air the trees provide. The greens here in the spring always make it worth visiting.

The trail is always maintained and because it is paved it is very popular. This trail is great for a full jog or a light walk. You can always bring a friend and cruise on through.

This trail is easily one of my favorites in San Ramon. It is probably because of the paved road which makes it an easier trail than most while still keeping the aspects of an entirely off road trail.

Best trail in San Ramon! The road is kept clean, the area is gorgeous, and the view is worth the effort. This is a place you have to visit if you are from out of town. It has everything you could want and more!




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