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Rancho San Ramon Community Park

1998 Rancho Park Loop, San Ramon, CA 94582


This place is really beautiful and incredibly well designed. You have very different areas from infants to adults to cover all ages. Tennis, soccer, waterpark, solar clock, various park types, etc. For everyone, there’s something.

Nice place for children of all ages as there are plenty to do.  It’s very good water activity, just remember to bring a swimsuit! New mini Zipline, popular toy for all the kids, is now available and added. It’s pretty fun.

It is a large area that includes specific areas for younger children, older children, a splash pad, multiple climbing structures, sand pit, zip line, and more. It’s designed really well. Public toilets and several water fountains are available. It’s a beautiful park.

This was one of the best parks we had to do so much! The main focus was on the zip line! We can’t wait to return! Something was there for all ages! If you haven’t left, you ought to!

Lovely park with great views of the hills of San Ramon. Has a lot of great amenities to meet all of its visitors ‘ needs. Never really have a problem finding parking as abundant as it is. Definitely a great location to have a wonderful time out with the family. Walking your dogs is also a great place.

Children love the park! It features a playground that is clean, friendly people, lots of children and events. Our neighborhood favorite park.

They’ve got it all. Swings, slides, some playing structures, a zipline, a sandbox, rock climbing, a playground for kids, and a splash pad. There’s also a tennis court, and there’s a soccer field, baseball field, and track court up the stairs.This is the best park San Ramon has built!



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