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Forest Home Farms Historic Park

19953 San Ramon Valley Blvd, San Ramon, CA 94583


Great place for children to see. Great place for children to be educated. Makes a good school field trip. You can find out about the old tools we used to farm. There’s a tractor-filled barn. They’ve got horses, chickens, and lamb. They have a small event every year.

Love that place! Love that place! Great little place type museum, parking can sometimes get busy, but it’s worth it all! You get too interacting and see all kinds of animals that you don’t see every day.

Great place to take the children and learn where food comes from. Good for an experience and a family outing. Something nice is always going on and witnessing is amazing.

This place is incredible! The animals are always great, the environment, and the staff. They’re not even really a staff, they make you feel like family, and when you visit a farm, it’s what you want. Hanging out and disconnecting from the internet is a great place for kids. Those animals are always a good way to get them interested in anything but their phone.

Overall, it is a great farm. The people here are always sweet to visitors and they allow you to experience for a few days now in a part of their lives.

This is a great place to bring children throughout the day when you don’t want them on their phones. Most of the kids running around here who visit get the chance in real life to see interesting animals.



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