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Dougherty Station Community Center

17011 Bollinger Canyon Rd, San Ramon, CA 94582


Location and services are very easy. Being treated with such respect, very courteous, appreciated.

This center for the community is like no other. The facility is clean, the staff is incredible, and the services are top notch. Nearby there are also great parking spots.

The features are great. The installation is AWESOME! Highly Recommend!

Small workplace and very clean. The facility is intimate, feeling like a home away from home.

Local community center which is a large part of the Department of San Jose Parks and Recreation. They have a great, decent gym where you can pay for a membership of $ 139/yr or $ 5/session.

Great center for the community. Very clean and beautiful facilities.   

The Roosevelt Community Center is a kind of second home. Great lunches for senior citizens and lots of interesting activities. People are friendly, and you get along with staff in fact.

All you need in the center of the community plus more. A great place if necessary to relax and unwind.

Best San Jose community center! The facility is clean, the staff are sweet, and there are plenty of activities. Something must always be done.

There’s always amazing staff here. They help everybody who needs help, or if you want someone to talk to you, you’re never alone.

Great place for people to sit down and talk. Many people just come to hang out and it’s perfect. If you want to work out you can, if you want to talk to some wise people you can. There’s something here for everyone.



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