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Central Park

12501 Alcosta Blvd, San Ramon, CA 94583

A fantastic way to make a city more livable. This one has all the amenities and all you need to make those who love you feel happier.

Spacious park with plenty of grass, picnic benches, playground for children, fountains, clean public toilets and free parking.

Big open park perfect for picking up your pets, kids, or pick-up games. Well kept over the weekend of Memorial Day and has annual events such as the Art and Wind Festival.

One of San Ramon’s finest parks. Especially if you’ve got kids. Play structures, bathrooms, tables and barbecue grill are in close proximity.

It’s a giant park my review focuses on the play area for kids: it’s a great park with a beautiful large multi-story play structure. It also has hot days water capabilities: a large fountain sprinkler that children can run under and a stream where the water runs down with a small wooden bridge. It’s pretty nice. Parking is available right next to the play area for children.

Lovely group meetings accommodation. Air conditioning controlled by climate, plenty of room, toilets and nearby water fountain. It’s also easy to find.

We often suggest people from Sunnyvale visit the best park in San Ramon.

Great park for a picnic with lots of trees. Has a good playground to sit and enjoy the outdoors for children and parents. If you want a quiet area or you can take the trail for a nice walk, it has many places to sit down.

Clean, several barbecue grill and shade picnic tables. Great park with a great playground to play in on hot days and a water fountain.

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