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San Ramon Athan Downs

Montevideo Dr & Davona Dr, San Ramon, CA 94583

One of San Ramon’s best parks.  Has a great children’s playground.  There are plenty of BBQ picnic table areas. Mature trees that give the summer sun shade. Parking lot is close to the park which is great if you’re pushing a stroller or bringing stuff to a table for a picnic.

Great place for our dogs to be taken.  The tree line from the picnic area provides excellent natural boundaries.  It’s a very clean park.

Fun spot to spend time with kids. The perfect place to have fun for the family and perhaps enjoy a family picnic. Beautiful park! Great for all ages children!

A good park with multiple courts of sport. Basketball, tennis, soccer, baseball, volleyball, and a nice playground for children.

Nice clean park with huge fields and a sandy court of volleyball and a unique playground!  

Good for a barbecue!

For children, this park is amazing. If more parks like this one, we’d all spend more time with our children at the park. Hands down to go to the best park.

The play area is large, modern, well maintained and filled with unique interactive elements including sound-triggering jumping points on the ground. However, the devil is in the details, and Athens Down delivers rubberized ground, good shade on both the play structure and surrounding area, and even a swing with disabilities.

Athens Down is not leaving the play structure from its well-conceived nature. There’s practically something for everyone from multiple large fields to volleyball, tennis and basketball courts, and even room to ride a bike or skate.

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