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Alcosta Senior & Community Center

9300 Alcosta Blvd, San Ramon, CA 94583

A wonderful place to get married. For a lifetime, the memories will be remembered. The event was well looked after and it was incredible how much time they invested setting up. They never stated or asked what we imagined they were merely performing the duties at hand to the finest of their capacity and they were performing.

Everything and everyone is regarded and honored equally outstanding facility. Very well preserved. Friendly skilled employees and an incredible number of operations! All items regarded are very comfortable visiting room.

Very beautiful spot to hold a summer outdoor party, activities of carnival sort. Great place to practice when you’re a senior and don’t necessarily enjoy exercising. The teachers are making it fun and pleasant.

Amazing place with incredible views, if you’re fortunate you’ll be able to see some deer and a chicken or two.

Lovely, relaxing grounds for sitting and enjoying. New and clean facilities. Lots of parking facilities. Good place to go for a walk and discover some internal peace.

Clean environment, pleasant, simple to go. Amazing facility! The people here are always easy going and fun to talk to. Everyone is always smiling and the regulars always have something interesting to say. Hidden gem in San Ramon.

Great location, excellent employees and fantastic atmosphere. If for any case you need a quiet location, this is the location to do it. The location is cared for very well. Once you see what they can do for the event you’ll be blown away, the price can be a little expensive but very much worth it.


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