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Fire Truck Park

2070 Arlington Way, San Ramon, CA 94582, United States

Fire Truck Park is an excellent local attraction for small children’s families. In addition to a large fire truck logo with slides and bars, the park has a large grass area, swings, tables with a BBQ area and a sand pit. The game tables and a three-cycle circle are also available. The Arlington Way and Halifax Way Fire Truck Park is located in the Windemere community of San Ramon.

In many park design elements, including the playground equipment, the artwork and landscaping, there has been a fire safety theme. Fire Truck Park has several interesting features of sculpture and works of public art. The seat wall that separates sand from the play structures is most remarkable. The side of the wall facing the sandbox contains sixty unique tiles created by firefighters, personnel and their family members from the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District. A bronze firefighter statue and a firefighter sculpture are also part of the park’s installations.

The Park’s Opening

Fire Truck Park opened with lovely weather and an enthusiastic crowd on August 18, 2007. More than 1,000 people were present at the opening ceremonies at which the Chairman of the Fire District Board Ken Sandy and the Mayor of San Ramon H. Abram Wilson released a red flash ribbon from the top of two air ladders that mark the opening of the park. Kids swarmed the playing fields, watched hula-hoop contests, painted their faces, laughed to Scooter The Clown and played parachute games at the broad lawn. Fresh-popped Kettle Corn and froze Jamba Juice smoothies were also enjoyed to the smiling crowd during the opening day.

What To Expect

The highlight of the park is the giant play structure for Little Tykes “Rescue 911” Young children are able to slide down one of the three slides, climb the’ tires’ and play the steering wheel and slide down the fireplaque, of course.

A tiny swing set next to the frame of the fire truck has two slides for older children and two for babies. The playground is surrounded by a total driving track. Bark chips cover the ground next to the play structure, but a small sandbox for sand play is available in the park. Although the playground equipment is for younger children, adults and older kids can play on the large grassy ground or relax on one of the many benches around the small playground (red, of course). The park also has two tables for game enthusiasts.

There are many other firefighting features in the park, including a wall with tiles designed by members and families of the fire department. Two large descriptive plaques are next to the tile wall, one with a fire department history and another highlighting the department of today. Quick word of advice: make sure that your children take a bath before visiting the park because there is no toilet facilities in a small neighborhood park.

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