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San Ramon Central Park

12501 Alcosta Blvd, San Ramon, CA 94583, United States


One of the greatest prides and joys of San Ramon is the stunning park system of the city. The city offers a wide range of 53 parks, ranging from small community playgrounds to multiple-acre, multifunctional parks. Central Park is the largest multi-purpose San Ramon Park and has 35 acres for parks and sports, including a skate park, tennis courts, football and baseball fields, a new playground and an open park full of woodland, a gardens, picnic benches and fountain.

Central Park has a new playground adjacent to the center of the community. Children will slide colorful slides down, climb on the climbing wall of the rock and search in the sandy patch for traces of fossils. Each memorial day weekend in Central Park the annual San Ramon Art & Wind Festival attracts huge crowds to kite flying, concerts, children’s area and art and craft booths.

About The Park

Central Park holds a free concert series in the summer. Families bring blankets and picnic dinners to the amphitheater of the park and enjoy bands from jazzy blues to 80s music. The San Ramon Community Centre, which holds workshops, classes and the Lindsay Dirkx Brown Gallery is also close to Central Park. This park also features a lovely water park and is a wonderful place for kids to party and to play with their friends. Children engage in various activities so that parents can also enjoy.

 Pleasant and spacious well-kept park with plenty of children’s activities. The toilets are tidy and it’s nice to have a toilet. Even if there are a bunch of children here, it never seems to be too crowded. The parking lot is huge. There’s also a nice walk around the entire park.

Why You Should Visit

Visit a park, it’s good for you! This is especially true when your children reach the age when they no longer need to be fully shadowed. Take the chance to relax. Bring a blanket and lie on your grass or lawn and read. A mother is unlikely to actually relax and the park is a great opportunity. Or invite a friend you haven’t hung out with and catch up while the kids are playing.

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