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Iron Horse Middle School

12601 Alcosta Blvd, San Ramon, CA 94583


In California, Iron Horse Middle ranks higher than 96.8 percent of middle schools. It also ranks 4th in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District out of 8 ranked middle schools.

A free or reduced lunch is offered to 7.5 percent of students. In the San Ramon Valley Unified School District, this is the highest percentage.

At Iron Horse Middle, the student/teacher ratio is 23.9, which is the 3rd best in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District out of 8 middle schools.

The estimated total per student spent at Iron Horse Middle is $6,204, the 3rd highest of the 8 middle schools in the Unified School District of the San Ramon Valley. The racial composition is Asian (42.3%), White (34.7%), Hispanic (11.6 percent ).

Iron Horse Middle employs 44.6 teachers on a full-time basis.

Either by phone or email, they don’t hesitate to reach parents. You will find the school loop to be really helpful, as well as monitoring the grades of your children. You will also like choosing electives that your kids can choose from, like tech class.

The San Ramon Valley Unified School District invites you to the Summer Enrichment Program for Middle School students. Their courses are structured to enjoy academic enrichment and/or a recreational experience for students joining the 6th, 7th and 8th grades.

Although a portion of our enrichment courses has some academic basis, they are not structured to provide any academic field remediation.

As school counselors, their mission is to support ALL students with academic achievement. They do this by implementing national developmental standards in the field of academic, personal/social, and career domains from the ASCA (American School Counseling Association).

Iron Horse Middle School is building minds and focuses on its mission:

  • Foster transparency, tolerance, collaboration, integrity, and the pride of education.
  • Ensure, for all members of the IHMS community, a caring, healthy, and friendly atmosphere.
  • Build environments and opportunities conducive to personal development and academic achievement.
  • Provide a range of teaching strategies that discuss all learning styles and question all students based on student data
  • Motivate all students by offering an accessible and stimulating learning atmosphere to meet or exceed state expectations.

San Ramon, California is blessed with some of the state’s top schools.  Here’s our short-list of the best ones for you to check out: 

  • Dougherty Valley High School
  • California High School
  • Windemere Ranch Middle School 
  • Pine Valley Middle School
  • Gale Ranch Middle School
  • Hidden Hills Elementary School
  • Live Oak Elementary School 
  • Bollinger Canyon Elementary School

All of these wonderful schools are located just a short distance from our location at 2010 Crow Canyon Pl Suite 100 in San Ramon! Stop by for a visit anytime!


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