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Arlington Park

3968-3976 Knightsbridge Way, San Ramon, CA 94582, United States


Arlington Park is a relatively newcomer to the city’s park system in the Windemere district of San Ramon (3735 Knights Bridge Way). The park was first opened with five others in September 2007 and has since improved the quality of local life. 


  • What To Do 

Arlington Park continues to create a new atmosphere today. This is partly because of the city’s outstanding maintenance levels and partly because of its innovative and futuristic design features. The hub of the park is definitely the playground surrounded by a gaze-grabbing 2-D maze. Made of red brick and bright turf, the semicircle maze is amazing and makes a fun floor labyrinth for children. 

The play framework is also decorated with unique elements such as climbing stairs, giant metal spiderweb and bubble portholes. In addition to the appropriate slides, drawbridges and swings. Tanbark-covered soil sets the stage for hours o’fun. Arlington Park has a large football field for sports fans and a baseball diamond with bleachers to fans. Power walkers can also raise their heart rate on the sidewalk that stretches across the park.

When you get to a pit stop, you can take a break at one of the many picnic areas. Water fountains and toilets are also available to satisfy and fit Arlington Park.  It has the best San Ramon grass. Red, cut regularly, big and not too hot. It’s so cool that it’s the venue of our annual Ultimate Frisbee, Shaving Cream Fights and big tournaments.


  • A Green Option

It’s lined with trees. These maple trees are only 10 years old and huge. They contribute to the heat and give the feeling of a park. We’re not playing baseball but it’s a great place. Beware of the rush of children in practicing cleats. The structure of the game ‘ works.’ It has two slides, a mini rock wall, swings and a sort of labyrinth. We believe that the park is the play structure + the field. The road around which the wraps are ovalistic is a third of a mile. That’s three laps to the mile for those who aren’t math majors. It’s great for speed work or if you want your kids to be miles away.

This amazing park is located in San Ramon, California and also only a short distance away from:

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