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What Is PG&E Solar Choice?


How it works?

Everyone can access solar energy with PG&E’s Renewable Option and Local Renewable Choice, even if your business location can not support private solar rooftop. Not only can you help preserve and protect our environment through solar energy production, but you can also demonstrate your dedication to the environment with your customers, employees, and local community.


PG&E’s Solar Choice

  • You use energy in the form of electricity to power your business every day.
  • Choose an enrollment level at 50% or 100% of your usage.
  • When you enroll, PG&E will purchase additional, new solar resources to meet your electricity needs as well as those of other participating customers.
  • Your monthly electricity statement will include a charge for the solar power you are buying and related program fees, as well as a credit for the standard generation you are no longer buying.
  • Your electricity use will be matched with 100% clean, renewable solar energy at your chosen enrollment level.


Regional Renewable Choice

  • You use energy in the form of electricity to power your business every day.
  • Identify a participating Regional Renewable Choice project and/or developer.
  • You contract with a Regional Renewable Choice developer for a portion of a Regional Renewable Choice project for the equivalent of 25%–100% of your annual usage in what’s called a “Customer-Developer Agreement” (CDA).
  • You pay the developer directly according to the terms of your CDA.
  • Wait for the construction and operation of the project. You can work with a developer to enroll with PG&E in the program as it approaches operation. You can do this after the CDA if the project is already operational.
  • The project must be operating in order to receive a bill credit in relation to the performance of your subscribed part of the project. You will receive a credit on your energy statement for PG&E at that time. Make sure to register with PG&E with your developer’s form to receive the credit.


PG&E Cuts Costs for Solar Choice Program by 30% to Nearly 50%

The cost of participating in the Solar Choice program of Pacific Gas and Electric is falling, thanks to the continued investment in solar power by the utility. The program enables its customers to supply up to 100% of their electricity from solar power without putting it on their business home. Under the new rates, participating costs fell to residential customers by 30 percent and to some business customers by nearly 50 percent. The program allows users to choose from their solar projects how much of their energy is generated. Rooftop solar also is saving the utility’s customers. Last year it told the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) that rooftop solar saved its customers $192 million in infrastructure costs.

According to the utility, for an average home in the service area of PG&E that uses around 500 kilowatt hours of energy a month, the cost of full participation is now only $13 a month before it was $18 a month. Customers can also choose to receive at half the cost 50 percent of their electricity from solar power. The company also provides an online tool that allows consumers to predict how much they would pay the Solar Choice based on their use of electricity.

The utility already has procured 53 megawatts of solar power to serve its customers in the program. It’s also expanding the program, building solar farms at eight new sites in Northern and Central California. The new projects are being built by 8minutenergy Renewables, AES Distributed Energy, Green Light Energy Corporation, ImMODO Energy Services, Mirasol Development, Recurrent Energy and Solar Frontier Americas Development. 

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