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Terrace Hill, California Home Solar Panel Installation

Perfect day for a solar installation in sunny Terrace Hill, California!

A neighborhood in San Jose, California, is Terrace Hills. Terrace Hills feature mainly high-value midsize homes. This is a well-established neighborhood that continues to draw attention from San Jose area buyers.

Terrace Hills is largely an attached community within the estate. Terrace Hills homes reflect a wide variety of time periods and designs. In general, Terrace Hills homes are roughly $215,000-$ 750,000 and sit on average lots with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Parking is most common in the garage, attached garage, guest parking, driveway, lane, and others.

Like much of the Bay Area, San Jose has a mid-summer Mediterranean climate (Köppen Csb), with moderate to hot summers, dry summers and mild to cool winters. San Jose has an average of 301 daylight days and an average annual temperature of 60.5 ° F (15.8 ° C). It sits inland, surrounded by mountains on three sides, and faces the Pacific Ocean just as San Francisco does. As a result, the city is much more shielded from storms, giving it a semi-arid feel with a mean annual rainfall of 15.82 inches or 401.8 millimeters compared to some other areas of the Bay Area, which can get around three times that amount.

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