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North Valley Park, Clayton, California Home Solar Panel Installation

Perfect day for a solar installation in sunny North Valley Park, Clayton, California!

Clayton Community Park is located behind Diablo View Middle School, off Regency Drive. The versatile park offers multiple uses, including community playing fields, large and small group picnic areas, and two play structures for children.


The Incorporation of Clayton

A California voting record was created when on March 3, 1964, ninety-one percent of Clayton’s 364 registered voters approved the incorporation of the 13th town of Contra Costa County at Endeavor Hall. Clayton residents needed planning and development power at the local level. They were worried about the quality and density of construction, and the racing of the commercial strip zoning. We did not oppose growth but we decided to preserve the semi-rural ambiance of the Upper Clayton Valley after several unsuccessful hearings in Martinez and elsewhere.

Incorporation Facts:

  • Election Day: March 3, 1964
  • Number of Registered: Voters in Clayton 364
  • Number of Voters who cast ballots in the election: 312
  • Turnout 91% of Registered Voters cast ballots, the largest percentage in the history of California for a municipal election.
  • Votes in Favor of Incorporation: 251
  • Votes Against Incorporation: 61
  • Clayton became the 13th City in Contra Costa County
  • Results of Council Election: Robert Hoyer-183; Henry Wagner-179; George Abbott-151; David Cook-147; Alvin Liming-140; Clyde Baker-113;
  • Richard Hamb-104; Kenneth Byrd-90; Jack Leue-68; Gloria Patten-56.
  • City’s First Treasurer: William Walker
  • City’s First Clerk: Marguerite Ellingson
  • Police Services Contracted with the City of Concord
  • Public Works/Engineering Services Contracted with County
  • City Attorney Maurice Huguet, Jr.
  • Population Approximately: 600
  • Clayton City Limits consisted of ½ square mile
  • City Boundaries: Clayton Road and Mt. Diablo Creek on the north, Marsh Creek Road on the east, Mitchell Canyon Road on the west and certain properties on the east.
  • Assessed Land Valuation: $1,200,000
  • City’s Budget: $23,517.00
  • Year-end Surplus: $2,589.00
  • Partial List of Expenses: City Attorney, $2,000; City Clerk, $1,500; Police Services, $8,875.00; Accounting Services, $250; Insurance and
  • Bonding, $425; Utilities, $48; Telephone, $160; Supplies, $250; Rent, $175.

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