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Dana Estates, California Home Solar Panel Installation

Perfect day for a solar installation in sunny Dana Estates, California!

Dana Estates is a Concord, California neighborhood. The Dana Estates Neighborhood Alliance is partnering with the city of Concord.  DENA is an informal group serving all of the Dana Estates community. This organization’s goal is to share information and foster interaction and communication between the neighborhoods and the Concord town. They are definitely not a homeowner’s association. As a community group, they cannot implement city codes but through the relationship they have with the City of Concord, they can only refer a person and set up meetings.

Concord’s neighborhood is a perfect place as it is bordered to the west by Pleasant Hill and Pacheco’s unincorporated community, to the south by Walnut Creek, to the southeast by Clayton, to the northeast by Pittsburg and Bay Point’s unincorporated community, and to the north by Clyde’s unincorporated community. While it shares no boundary with Concord, Martinez (the county seat) is located on the northwest almost directly adjacent to Concord. Martinez BART Station is also known as North Concord BART Station.

Over the past forty years, Concord has been primarily a bedroom community for San Francisco and Oakland, but jobs within the city have increased over the last decades. Round Table Pizza has its headquarters in Concord, and companies with close regional links to the Bay Area, such as Chevron and Bank of America, have set up large back-office operations there, diversifying the local economy. Concord also has a wide retail sector like the Sunvalley Mall, once one of the 50 biggest malls in the U.S., car dealerships, Walmart, and Fry’s Electronics. Atrivo had been based in Concord prior to its breakup.

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