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Crocker Highlands, California Home Solar Panel Installation

Perfect day for a solar installation in sunny Crocker Highlands, California!

Crocker Highland is a neighborhood with a population of 2,496 in Oakland, California. Crocker Highland is one of the best places to live in California and is in Alameda County. Living in Crocker Highland provides a dense suburban feel to residents and the majority of residents own their homes. There are a number of pubs, restaurants, coffee stores, and parks in Crocker Highland. In Crocker Highland, many retirees live and people appear to be liberal.

Crocker Highlands homes are on the market for an average of 57 days and are usually bought at or above the price asked for. Property taxes hover about $11,691 a year, and association dues for homeowners are about $17. Homes here are $389 per square foot on average and are usually marketed for around $990,000.

With an average of 260 sunshine days a year, Oakland has a warm-summer Mediterranean climate. In general, warm dry summers and mild, wet winters are present in the town. As the United States’ first official wildlife refuge, Lake Merritt, a large estuary centrally located east of Downtown, was declared.

Oakland is ranked No. 1 in climate among U.S. cities on the basis of data obtained by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The temperate and seasonal Mediterranean climate typifies the climate of Oakland. Typically, summers are dry and warm and winters are mild and humid. In both neighboring coastal towns such as San Francisco and inland cities such as San Jose, it has characteristics found, making it warmer than San Francisco and cooler than San Jose. Its location across from the Bay Bridge on San Francisco Bay means that cooling maritime fog can be found in the northern part of the city. It is far enough inland that by midday the fog always burns off, enabling it to have usually sunny days in California. When the fog drifts down from Berkeley, the hills appear to have more fog than the flatlands.

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