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The Village Theatre and Art Gallery

233 Front St, Danville, CA 94526


 A popular show was, “The Glass Menagerie,” by Tennessee Williams (Eugene O’Neil), and they have a great view from every seat. Beautiful theater with great technician and attendants. The only problem is the sound system and air-conditioning are in competition . Since they have great maintenance they are being fixed. Have not seen a bad show there. Every seat you can see well. Gallery is very interesting. Opening night parties have food and cheer. Also a chance to talk with the actors, director and crew. Great Children’s Theatre performance.

We saw Fiddler on the Roof. Will definitely see the next one!!! Awesome venue building facility very nice. Great view any seat. Spelling bee musical was also great. Poorly attended. Needs better marketing. Great town asset needs more marketing. Wonderful Theatre, walking distance to restaurants. Comfortable seats, good sightlines. Role Players Ensemble does great work. 9 months ago Very entertaining. family loved the show enjoyed and free food if you slap the guy checking tickets. 

Theatre was nice, not too big, but plenty of room. Interesting artwork on the walls & tables in the foyer for sale at a higher price but it is worth the purchase. Bathrooms were clean & lines very reasonable. The particular show are always impressive. A showcase of various performers who varied widely. Teen group singing a musical number was great, jazz singer with accompanist was excellent. Stand up comedy that opens for the show as funny and witty. Improvisational comedy performers were a hit. One performer was the host, who stayed on for a big chunk of the show & this segment, too.

Free parking on site & in the street is convenient and adequate. The danville village theater is like a second home to the community. It might not be as fancy as an incredible broadway theater, but to a lot of people it doesn’t matter, what does matter is the magic that people make on stage and the friendships people make backstage. It’s hard to describe the feeling of walking into the theater, but it is amazing! And watching TV will never replace live theater. If your aren’t into being on stage, I would definitely recommend watching it in the audience cause our productions are amazing. If you want to watch kids having the best time of their life and finding their passion, I’d watch KAOS camp productions. There is only one bad thing I can see in the theater lobby used to be a beautiful art gallery, but now it has turned into a african american museum.


This amazing attraction is located Danville (right next door to San Ramon!) and also only a short distance away from:

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  • Eugene O’Neill National Historic Site
  • Blackhawk Automotive Museum
  • Museum of the San Ramon Valley
  • Jules Thin Crust
  • Sycamore Valley Park
  • Jolie Salon & Spa Wellness Center
  • The Peasant & The Pear, Danville, California
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  • The Village Theatre and Art Gallery

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