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Sycamore Valley Park

2101 Holbrook Dr, Danville, CA 94526


There is music in park and it was awesome. Oakhill park is a beautiful park to host this event. Food trucks, park /grass in great shape. Geese and ducks behaved. Music was much better than remember in past events. Lots of people there enjoying. Plenty of room in shade. People were behaving very nicely and having fun. Bathrooms available. Plenty of parking. Awesome park! Clean, plenty of grass, play structures, bathrooms, BBQ areas. Even a couple very nice bocce courts.

It is a very cool spot. Nice park to play with your children!!! What is more amazing is that there is some fences built along the street which are very safe for kids to play in the park. Small pond with lots of trees, make this great! Love the open space trail behind the sports fields! Little bit of a lung buster in the beginning but once you reach the Ridgeline the views are epic! Also tons of animals if you’re quite. They have seen deer, Hawks, a coyote, turkeys and tons of squirrels and lizards! 

The playground is not big but cute in this place but the most exciting was the trail. Shady Slope, Short Ridge, Sand Hill Trail is amazing. It’s just 2.1 miles and first third part of it is going up the hill, so it is a little bit hard part but then it’s pretty simple. It is very green in April – definitely recommend as an easy trail for families with young kids! He said the park offers a variety of fun things to do for kids. Play structure, sandbox, water features, bike path, picnic areas, grassy hills. It is very clean and has plenty of parking. Excellent neighborhood park. Nice local park with modern will maintained play equipment, water attractions, and nice trees.

Worth stopping is nearby. This is a beautiful park capable of accommodating multiple baseball games in natural grass and a multi-purpose field for baseball and soccer. Beautiful park. Four Bocce courts. Huge lawn area. Giant playground for kids. Baseball field. Bbq area with nice picnic tables. Very well kept. Lots of spinning things, room to run and water features to cool down afterwards. Clean with plenty of places for adults to picnic and rest in the shade. Best playground and bocce courts in the Tri-Valley hands down. Thanks to the incredible maintenance staff! Nice park with two sections; one is for toddlers and the other for older kids. There’s a nice mix of climbing features and slides. Also has a covered picnic area and a few bocce ball lanes. Just up the walkway is an all purpose artificial grass field. Definitely a good place for all ages.

This amazing attraction is located Danville (right next door to San Ramon!) and also only a short distance away from:

  • Revel Kitchen and Bar, Danville, California
  • Jules Thin Crust
  • Museum of the San Ramon Valley
  • The Village Theatre and Art Gallery
  • Eugene O’Neill National Historic Site
  • The Peasant & The Pear, Danville, California
  • Sycamore Valley Park
  • Jolie Salon & Spa Wellness Center
  • Esin Restaurant & Bar, Danville, California
  • Blackhawk Automotive Museum

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