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Blackhawk Automotive Museum

3700 Blackhawk Plaza Cir, Danville, CA 94506


The Blackhawk Automotive Museum is a fun place to go when having time to explore! The diversity of cars, Indian Art, Cowboy memories, history and a huge array of animals well displayed are adorned by the community. The staff is helpful and knowledgeable. It was a little hard to find and signage would have helped! Seeing these vintage automobiles was truly a privilege. The museum is very quiet, clean, and a fun experience. The descriptions for each auto are concise and well written, and give you great insight into the history of automobiles. The other sections of Blackhawk Museum are nice even though they’re not the star of the museum.

They also offer student and senior discounts which is very considerate. It is not as well known as places like Petersen Museum in LA but it still holds an amazing collection of vintage autos including some rare European one. It is light on muscle cars, but does have some great classics. The venue is a bit small for the collection – not complaining would just be great to have a building worthy of the cars. Best Museum ever, really awesome car collection and Chinese exhibit. One of the community’s favorites, you won’t regret going. Blackhawk plaza is also great with awesome stores and a great cinema. A beautiful vintage car museum has really pretty collection especially of Rolls Royce. Many go for birthdays to see their favorite cars and automobiles. Some of the best automobiles is the all were green Limousine, Buggati, Rolls Royce and crown Victoria.

Recently they have added more exhibits to the museum. They have added “The Spirit of the West” and “The Art of Africa”. They have a sculpture of a bronze elephant that stands in the front of the building. They also have a beautiful giraffe sculpture that stays in the courtyard. The “Spirit of the West” has a great collection. The teepee is a treat so see and study. They have artifacts of the time that stays in the teepee. These artifacts’ purpose is to give a fuller perspective of what the culture was like. The stories and guides are extremely helpful in understanding the stories and culture. The museum is actually very diverse and has different sections. There is a ton of displays that feature wildlife, models of landscapes and animals, trains and so much more.


This amazing attraction is located Danville (right next door to San Ramon!) and also only a short distance away from:

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