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Best PG & E Rate Plan for Solar

Do you want to save money on your electric bill? Do you want to help the environment by using solar energy? If so, PG&E has a plan for you.   The Solar Program is available for residential and commercial customers in California. This program offers low-interest loans and grants that can be used as an incentive for installing solar panels at home or business. It will also allow consumers to receive credit on their bills for excess power generated from the sun that exceeds what they use during each billing cycle. 

If you live in California and want to save money on your electric bill, help the environment by using solar energy, or get a low-interest loan for the installation of panels at home or business, PG&E has a plan for you. The Solar Program is available for both residential and commercial customers with an array of incentives including loans and grants that can be used as an incentive for installing solar panels at home or business. And don’t forget about all the free power generated from excess power from the sun! We are here to show how easy it is to take advantage of this program and introduce you to the Best PG & E Rate Plan for Solar. 


Product Details: If you are a PG&E customer, the TOU-B plan might be your best option for energy usage. It has off-peak rates from 9 PM to 4 PM and charges peak rates during normal operating hours of 4 AM to 9 PM every day. This is especially beneficial if this time range coincides with times that require electricity consumption such as using an appliance in the morning or cooking dinner while it’s dark outside! Unfortunately, we don’t know what these rates may cost but they seem reasonable at first glance considering how much cheaper outages can also be when there isn’t high demand on power plants because people aren’t home during non-working hours.

Key Features: 

• No more worrying about when to use power
• Save money on your energy bill by using less during the peak rate hours
• Enjoy affordable rates for both weekday and weekend usage

What Makes Them Different: The Peak Savings Plan is an excellent way to save money on your electric bill. You can do this by minimizing the use of power during peak hours, which are from 4 PM-9 PM in a given month. While weekends and holidays have the same rate as weekdays, you’ll still be able to maximize savings when using any day without fear that it will affect how much you’re billed at all!

2.  PG & E TOU-C

Product Details: If you want to save on your electricity bills, then the Time-of-Use (Peak Pricing 4 – 9 p.m. Every Day) plan is for you! This program offers an E-TOU option that caters specifically to people who typically use a high amount of power during the designated peak hours and can reduce their usage in those same time frames every day.

Key Features: 

• Relaxed payment plan, with more price options
• Bill protection in the event of a surprise bill
• The first year is typically discounted from the following years.
• Includes a baseline credit for minimal use

What Makes Them Different: You can save money by reducing your energy use overall to remain within the lower-priced tier (baseline allowance) or close to it. Shift usage of electricity before 4 p.m., and after 9 p.m, every day in order to pay less for power.

3.  PG & E TOU-D

Product Details: Peak pricing is a time-of-use billing system designed to incentivize you to reduce the amount of electricity used during peak times. The high demand for energy at these hours means that prices will be higher than usual, so if your usage typically falls in this range and you are able to adjust accordingly, signing up for PG & E TOU-D could save money on your electric bill.

Key Features: 

• Get paid for your unused energy
• You’ll never have to worry about running out of power
• Zero limits, no annoying peak hours, or guesswork
• Pay as you go – easy on the wallet

What Makes Them Different: Reduce your energy usage overall. Shift more of it to the least expensive hours: before 5 p.m. and after 8 p.m., Mon-Fri, or any time on weekends and most holidays.

4. PG & E Tiered Plans

Product Details: If you’re able to conserve energy throughout the month and unable to decrease your energy use in the late afternoon hours. Some people have trouble conserving their energy during periods of high usage because they are not used to being aware of how much electricity is consumed during this time period.

The problem occurs when a person’s self-imposed limitations on an electric bill restrict them from using any additional power outside those designated times (during peak usage) which can lead some households into having the lights turned off for up to 16 consecutive days at one point or another over three months.

Key Features: 

• Save money and beat the high costs of high-demand electricity
• Stay on top of your energy use by monitoring it in real-time
• Protection from higher rates for peak hours
• Set up alerts to notify you when usage has reached 80%, 100%, or 120%

What Makes Them Different: You can get a better deal on electricity by using less power and avoiding the higher-tier. The price does not change throughout the day, so it’s best to conserve energy when you know that everyone else is going out or having guests over for dinner.

5. PG & E Tiers

Product Details: This rate plan has two pricing levels, known as “tiers,” which are based on how much energy you use. Tier 1 is for usage up to four times your baseline allowance and includes a surcharge if more than that amount of electricity is used in one billing period.

Key Features:

• Monthly pricing that changes with the seasons
• The ability to change your Baseline Allowance each month
• Stay within your monthly budget by not overspending on energy
• Save money on utilities by conserving more energy

    What Makes Them Different: You may have the opportunity to save more on your bill by lowering your usage. When you reduce energy, it can lower monthly costs and increase savings over time.

    What are your procedures for ensuring a contactless installation process?

    Solar is installed on the roof or on the ground, and we already observed social distancing procedures. Our crews wear safety equipment including Personal Protection Equipment to prevent the spread of COVID 19 not only to our clients, but also within our crews.

    How is the sales process if we cannot meet in person?

    With just a few pieces of information about your solar project, we can design an online solar proposal for your review. We then set a time to review the proposal by phone or Zoom to answer any questions you have. The financing process is paperless and contactless, any hard copies are sent by Priority Mail/FedEx. All of the contracts and disclosures are contactless using e-signatures.

    How is the permit process contactless?

    Many jurisdictions are starting to allow online permit applications and communication is facilitated by email. Final inspections are still completed in person, but social distancing and PPE is used to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

    How do we ensure our installation crews are COVID-19 free?

    Any of our installers that show up to work with an elevated temperature, coughing, fever or other sickness, they are sent home until the symptoms have subsided.

    Where can I find more information about COVID-19 and the Solar Industry?

    Please check with the SEIA (Solar Energy Industry Association) on all of the latest developments and safety protocols in the solar industry.

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