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Are Solar Panels Difficult To Maintain?

Are solar panels low maintenance?

You might have chosen a home solar power system as a great addition to your home. It would lower your electricity bill, increase your energy independence and reduce your impact on the environment.

When you educate yourself about the downsides of this investment, however, you might wonder what maintenance the system requires. After all, Solar Panels are delicate and complicated systems. Well, here’s some of the best news: for decades, solar panels require very little maintenance.

Solar panel maintenance

Residential solar energy systems do not have moving parts which significantly decrease maintenance. The odds of any of the components in the system break are very low and there are fewer crevices for debris to get stuck in without moving components. To find an energy device that requires less maintenance than solar panels, you would be hard-pressed.

Cleanliness is the main concern about the maintenance of solar panels. You don’t want the sunlight blocking dust or debris from the windows. If too much dust settles on a solar panel, it can impede the absorption of sunlight by the panel and reduce the energy output. Of course, Debris will do the same, and may also risk scratching the panel surface. Each panel has a protective coating to help guard against any detrimental damage, but as soon as possible it is safest to have professional clear large debris. It probably won’t happen very often. Since the solar panels are installed at an angle and the surface is incredibly smooth, the majority of dust and debris will slide off the panels by themselves.

People living in colder climates often question how much maintenance during snowy weather increases. The reality is there could be no rise in investment at all. Solar panels are installed facing south, where they receive the greatest amount of sunlight throughout the day. Sunlight helps to melt the snow. They are also very flat at an angle, which helps the snow fall off just like the debris during the other seasons. Most importantly, while they produce electricity solar panels generate significant heat. That heat will melt the snow quickly that can settle on top of them. Once you have built a solar system, you will soon notice that the solar panels are always the first places of your home to rid themselves of snow. However, there are times when a large blizzard could dump more snow on your solar panels than they can melt themselves.

Why call a professional?

It can be tempting to do the maintenance yourself with such simple maintenance criteria. But for both you and your solar panels it is risky to do so. To keep the panels for you, it is always best to call an expert installation and maintenance company.

Solar panels can be hard to reach, especially if they’re on your home roof. Climbing up there to clear dust or debris involves the risk of slipping or falling. In the winter, that danger increases. 

How long to solar panels last?

Not only do solar panels have little maintenance, but they allow you to enjoy their long service life. Properly maintained solar panels guarantee that they will last 20 years.  Many would say having their own solar energy system is even less stressful than having to stick with traditional electricity firms. There are few downsides to those amazing systems with only occasional maintenance.

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