Solar = Reduced Electricity Costs 
+ Reduced Income Tax + Reduced Carbon Footprint
Paybacks in 5 – 7 years
$0 Out of Pocket, 
Save Right Now
Look forward to receiving your electricity bill


Solar Harmonics can design and build solar projects that meet or exceed your goals.  Whether your goal is a 7 year payback, saving 100% of your current electricity costs, reducing your carbon footprint or using 100% Made in USA products, Solar Harmonics designs solar panels systems with you foremost in mind. With regard to financing, Solar Harmonics offers zero down, zero cost loans, 5.5% – 6.0%, no equity requirement and more.  With these types of financing solutions, there is no need to lease your system and losing your 30% Federal Tax Credit and Utility Rebates.



Utility costs for business continue to escalate and solar power provides the key to hedging those monthly costs. Solar Harmonics works with the building owner to design the optimum solar power system to minimize costs and save electricity costs over the next 25 – 30 years. Typically, Solar Harmonics can design a solar power system that pays for itself in less than 5 years. In addition, depending on the size of the system, Solar Harmonics installs a public kiosk where the customers of the business can see how solar power works, how much the business is contributing to reducing carbon emissions and green house gases. Further, the customer can choose to learn more about solar power for their home, and if he or she purchases a solar panel system, a rebate back to the business is paid.


An existing solar panel system produces energy only during the day and when the sun is shining. In summer months, solar is definitely a majority producer of power. However, when a solar panel system is combined with wind power, a property can be producing power during the day, during the night, bad weather and good weather. Solar Harmonics has partnered with Home Energy USA, producers of the Energy Ball V100 & V200 ultra quiet wind turbines. Both models produce energy in wind speeds as low as 4 mph, and produce the most energy at wind speeds of 15 mph.

“When looking for Solar for our home we received between 5-7 quotes from various companies. The pricing seemed all over the place and plenty of options! After sitting with Jamie and reviewing OUR needs we decided to use Solar Harmonics. Jamie and his contractors were very professional, clean and did the job very efficiently. Jamie did not try to sell us options that were not needed. In fact we chose to use Solar Tiles Vs panels. Now all the neighbors are asking about it! Thanks Jamie for great experience. Can’t wait to see the PG&E meter running backwards!” Dirk Z.

“We had an absolutely great experience with Jamie and Solar Harmonics! They handled the entire thing, from permits, to turning the system on with PG&E. The timeframe was faster than they said, and our meter is now running backwards! I actually can’t WAIT for next month’s bill, because that will be our first month with a full month of the system. Everything was done as promised, and I’m thrilled that we own our system, increasing property value, AND saving us money every month! Do yourself a favor — call Jamie! Check out the photos I posted of our usage.” Jodi M.